Samsung has recently announced a pretty hot watch phone, S9110, ready to compete with the likes of LG GD910 and even surpass it in some categories. For starters, Samsung’s product is much better looking than GD910, but more on this duel, after the break.



Samsung S9110 has the advantage of a larger display – 1.76 inch capacitive touchscreen, versus the 1.43 inch touchscreen of the LG watch phone, but what it lacks is a camera. Also LG GD910 comes with more internal memory (2GB versus S9110’s 40MB), a CIF camera and a lighter body (84 grams versus 91 grams).

Connectivity options are also more varied in the case of the LG watch phone, while common features like Bluetooth, voice recognition, T9 and others are present on both devices. Probably the most important factor will be the price, considering that Samsung S9110 retails for $640 while LG GD910 can be yours for over $1000.

Overall, the LG watch phone may win the duel, but at that price, it becomes a luxury item.

[via IntoMobile]

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