Spb Software, the famous app and games developer has recently announced that the hit game Spb Brain Evolution is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. We’re dealing with a brain training game, an intellectual title that improves memory, logic, arithmetic and puzzle-solving skills.


Spb Brain Evolution is a suite of 10 addictive games that have to be played in a certain sequence, so the first games will unlock the following titles. These titles include Sudoku, Guess Who, Matches, Memorics, Minesweeper, Numbers, Quadronica, Encyclopedia, Arithmetics and Balltracker.

The title include statistics, progress reports and profiles for multiple players, plus high scores that get awards (special achievement certificates). Spb Brain Evolution comes with two modes: Brain Marking and Brain Training and it’s compatible with iPhone OS 2.2.1 or higher and available for $4.95 from the Apple AppStore.

More details here.

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