If you’re into what we like to call “handset autopsy”, have a look at the seemingly nasty shots below showing the “guts” of the Palm Pre smartphone. We remind you that Pre is now available on the Sprint network and we advise you not to put your phone through the pain of a “gutting”.


For the folks who know what they’re doing, the following tools are necessary to take apart/repair the device: a small Philips screw driver, a small flathead, pliers, a solder iron, an exacto razor and a safe open tool. The repair toolkit for the phone is available here and you should know that the Pre must be placed on a clean flat surface before being open.

You’ll also have to place a soft cloth or towel under it before starting the process. I have to say that the battery placement is quite interesting and it can be “blamed” for the wideness of the handset, if not anything else. Know that the battery is user replaceable, but next you’ll be going into the expert’s turf, so you can check out the full guide here.



[via rapidrepair]