If you want a warm voice to guide you through the features of the new iPhone 3GS, there’s the video below to check out, the guided tour of the handset. It seems that we’re dealing with a very responsive device, twice as fast as the iPhone 3G and packing a 3 megapixel camera.


Said camera will allow the user to just touch the object he wants to focus on, in order to get the wanted result. Another improvement of the camera is the fact that it can capture video (VGA 30 fps) with sound and edit it on the go, although some handsets were able to do this years before.

Voice control is probably the most interesting feature of the 3GS, allowing you to dial numbers simply by saying them or you can ask the phone what song is playing at some point and it’ll answer. We also get a look at the iPhone OS 3.0 features, like cut, copy and paste and the handset’s fast browser.

[via 2dayblog]

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