We already know about the BlackBerry 10 OS handsets X10 and Z10 and the fact that they will debut at the end of this month, together with the OS. However, there’s a new handset out there, the one pictured below, that looks a lot like Z10, but it’s not quite that model. For one thing it’s a bit wider at the top.



Overall it looks like a Sony Xperia model and these photos have their source in Kuwait, where the source mentioned the smartphone will launch in the next 14 days. There’s no exact info on availability or pricing in other regions, but let’s see what the handset is all about. It looks like the BlackBerry Dev Alpha unit, basically the Z10 in a special case that hides its design. The main difference here is that the display of the phone is flush with the front, unlike the dev unit, where it was sunken in.

Seeing how the Z10 will have about 3 versions (Laguna, Lisbon, London), it’s not unlikely that some of them may have a slight tweak or two. For example one version of the Galaxy S II in USA had 4 touch buttons instead of a physical Home one and some capacitive keys.



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