After a period of major leaks of the BlackBerry London/L Series/Z10 model, now it’s time for the QWERTY-packing unit dubbed X10 to leak. Also known as the N Series, this device features the same keyboard design as the virtual keyboard from BB 10 OS, only this time it’s… a physical keyboard, with metallic lines between rows of keys.



The handset at the centre of the picture above is the BlackBerry L Series, while the one on the right is the X10 newcomer and there’s a mystery model on the left. We’re used to black and elegant BlackBerry models, so that’s why this white unit is strange, especially with that keyboard layout, that feels more like a midrange HTC ChaCha, than a modern day RIM phone. There’s this theory floating around the web, that this is in fact a developer phone meant for testing purposes, but we can’t confirm or deny that.

We can’t guarantee the white model will become a full fledged commercial product, but it’s nice to know RIM is also working on a different format. We have to remind you that January 30 is when BlackBerry 10 OS is launched and when at least a new BlackBerry phone will debut. We may get a sneak peek at CES 2013 in just a week or so… Which of the 3 handsets above do you fancy the most?

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