As you may already know, this week the BlackBerry World event is taking place in the US and thanks to it we’ll get to see the BlackBerry 10 OS in action. We also have a clip of the new OS running in the video below, but these are mere seconds of presentation. So, does BB 10 have what it takes to defeat Android or Windows Phone?


I’d be tempted to say “no”, but let’s wait and see how this OS unfolds. It’s actually RIM’s last hope to compete on a market where even Bada OS is doing better than their products. The predictive keyboard in the video seems to be top notch and although the software may seem promising at first, what about the hardware? In the image above you can see a BB 10 OS prototype, that looks strangely like the iPhone. Hopefully this will remain a prototype, else I can already smell a lawsuit coming from Apple…

Competing with Android will be very hard and people are still waiting for a kickass BlackBerry with a dual core or quad core CPU, maybe with a full touch experience. Several models and prototype have leaked over the past months and some of them even look decent, like the BlackBerry London model. However, with the recent turnmoil at RIM, it’s only this fall that we’ll see new models launched…

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