BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, probably the most leaked RIM handset of the last year has just been given a launch date and price for the UK. The handset is available for pre-order now and it’s shipping between the middle and end of August.

If you take this offer, you’ll get the Bold Touch 9900 in the UK version for free. The catch is that T-Mobile will ask you to sign a 30 quid per month contract, while Orange, Vodafone and O2 will pass the 35 quid mark. No info on the contract lengths just yet, but they should go over a year and a half easily.

No trace of offer from Three UK, but considering that RIM is launching 7 BlackBerry models this year, maybe they’re waiting for another handset. If you’re in dire need for a QWERTY plus touch smartphone, you can go with Nokia E6, HTC ChaCha or if you mean business with this BlackBerry.

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