The story of BlackBerry Magnum is back, this time complete with a video and we remind you that we’re dealing with a handset that doesn’t even exist, since it’s supposed to be cancelled or turned into a mere prototype. Here’s RIM first attempt at making a touchscreen/QWERTY combo:


This hybrid is captured on camera together with its “cousins”, BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 9700, as you can see above. The narrator claims that the handset’s keyboard design is borrowed more from the 9000, than the 9700 and overall it resembles the older Bold, as far as design is concerned.

Magnum switched to microUSB for connectivity and it also uses the SurePress screen that some of us hate. No operating system on this prototype, it seems and rumours claim that the device has been replaced by a mystery Dakota model, with updated specs, so this story is far from being clear.

[via Engadget]

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