The problems at RIM continue, this time with a device being canned… I’m talking about BlackBerry Milan, a slider that was recently leaked and then canceled because of hardware problems. Research in Motion has been having problems for a while now, including employees arrested when caught drunk on a plane, people getting trampled at a BlackBerry launch and the loss of the lawsuit for the trademark of BBX OS.


Many have voiced concerns that at this rate RIM is heading towards an inevitable takeover, possibly from Microsoft. Back to the BlackBerry Milan, this was supposed to be among the first BlackBerry 10 OS devices and it packed an interesting portrait QWERTY sliding keyboard. The hardware issues of this phone are not known yet, but my two cents are on the CPU side and maybe the sliding mechanism. RIM has yet to launch as successful dual core smartphone and while people are waiting for their fresh dual core Qualcomm devices, they went out and postponed them for the second half of 2012…

BlackBerry OS has a rumor saying that these BB 10 devices haven’t even entered production phase yet, so maybe the company is in standby and looking for Prince Charming (a buyer). We’re also waiting for models such as the beautiful BlackBerry London and maybe that Torch follow-up we’ve been hearing so much about…

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