RIM seems to be leaking more and more devices, so maybe we should be getting ready for a launch event in the following weeks. The Canadian company seems to be working on a new handset, dubbed BlackBerry Orlando, that can be considered a Curve Touch with a physical QWERTY keyboard.


BB Orlando sports the same form factor as the Sedona/Apollo shown a while ago, but it will come with a touchscreen. You can imagine a smaller Bold Touch, but with better specifications than the Apollo. Since we mentioned Curve Touch models, this newcomer will fit in the same category as the BlackBerry Malibu, that packs a full touchscreen, except that the Orlando also brings physical keys.

What’s strange is that this device wasn’t in the leaked roadmap we saw a while ago. Its release could be pending, or this could be a mere project right now. BB OS 6.1 is expected to run on the Orlando.

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