We’re a month and a bit away from the debut of BlackBerry 10 OS, that will finally be released at the end of January, running on some fresh RIM devices. Among them we find the flagship BlackBerry Z10, a name that has leaked a bunch of times over the past days and that now has a picture leaked, as shown below.



The model is portrayed in black and white and it looks just like the BlackBerry London/ L Series smartphone, that has leaked multiple times over the past month. Aside from the Z10, the rumors say we should expect an X10 unit, with a QWERTY keyboard and candybar form factor. Some people have already dubbed the X10 “the next BlackBerry Bold”, but we’ll know for sure when we see it. Back to the BlackBerry Z10, this handset is rumored to sport a 4.5 inch HD display (or bigger), a quad core Snapdragon CPU and an 8 megapixel camera.

The phone will also have a microSD card slot, microSIM, micro HDMI, microUSB, a front camera and no capacitive or physical buttons, relying only on gestures and virtual buttons. We could see a camera button included, but I can’t guarantee that.. So, which version of the Z10 do you prefer: the white one or the black one?

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