If you’ve followed the news on Apple gear, you’re certainly aware that the Cupertino company works with Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer that has a plant in Brazil. Well, Gizmodo is back with payback for Apple, so it sent its scouts to the Foxconn factory in Brazil and the result can be seen below:

Yes, the scouts have taken pictures of a brand new budget iPhone, that was spotted in South America. We remind you that Gizmodo have been involved in the huge lost iPhone 4 prototype scandal before, but that didn’t seem to make them more obedient. Last year, the site bought a lost/stolen iPhone 4 from a guy that found it in a bar and had to eventually return it to Apple, after the police got involved.

I wonder how Apple will retaliate this time and if the website will ever receive an iPhone for testing… like EVER I mean. It’s good to know that here’s a cheap iPhone 4 in the works, but is that really what the fans want? I can already hear people who want Steve Jobs back…

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