If you’ve never found a carrier to suit your reception needs, then you must start looking into the satellite phone segment. A good but pricey choice would be the TerreStar Genus, that provides reception anytime, anywhere, but it’ll set you back $1,150. Initially, the handset was launched through business channels for $800, but that sweet deal is over now.


This GSM/HSPA Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone is intended for AT&T use and supports satellite connectivity. Its features include WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and a 2MP camera, plus all the 2008-ish specs you’d expect. This touchscreen device is pretty lightweight and it comes with a user-friendly QWERTY keyboard and 100MB of memory.

Too bad that TerreStar filed for bankruptcy recently, so this doesn’t make the device a safe purchase anymore… Here’s what the phone is all about:

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