CES 2010 was also about prototypes, not only finished products, like handsets or tablets, so now we get to check out the Identity MID phone prototype, pictured below. We truly hope that this gadget will make it to the market, through a cooperation of its maker with carriers, since it’s a pretty promising product.


The MID phone is meant for a $200 price tag, with a 2 year contract agreement and seemingly it wants to rival handsets like Moto Droid and the iPhone. Identity’s device comes with a full touchscreen display, a side sliding QWERTY keyboard and the Android OS.

We found out that the display might be smaller in the finished version, in order to make room for the four key layout (Back, Home, Menu, Search), that’s typical for Android handsets.  What do you think? Promising enough to beat the iPhone?

[via Ubergizmo]

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