Qualcomm is getting busy lately, by announcing the Brew Mobile Platform and now a bunch of new Snapdragon CPUs for this year. CES 2010 was the perfect occasion for Luis Pineda, SVP of product management at Qualcomm to speak up and mention the plans of the company.

This month, the company will launch a 45nm version of the Snapdragon CPU, the 8X50A. We found out that this 1.3 GHz processor will be offered to manufacturers and the first handsets based on it will be sold before the year end. Also, till 2010 ends we’ll see an incredible dual core Snapdragon processor, the 8X72, with each Scorpion core clocking at 1.5 GHz.

Pineda claims that this solution can be used on both phones and smartbooks, providing 1080p resolutions.  The Qualcomm official also had a handset with him, the LG eXpo (pictured above), a device that sports a pico projector as a detachable optional accessory.

[via channel.hexus.net]

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