We have seen pictures of the new iPhone gold and some components in what tech blogs like to call “champagne color”, but this is the first time we see high resolution shots of the iPhone 5S in an unusual color. There’s a lot of high resolution shots here.



The device, in its gold version has already entered production in China, according to rumors. The public expects that Apple will debut not only the white and black models, but also the gold one when the handset launches in September. It would be the first time that Apple decides to offer us a differently colored initial iPhone.

This iPhone 5S Pictured here has a fully assembled back, complete with dual LED flash camera and a white strip at the top and bottom. I guess that Apple chose champagne gold to keep the illusion of a phone made of gold for people who can’t actually afford one. Is this a product for the douchebags or simply a color choice determined by market studies?

Champagne-Apple-iPhone-5S-surfaces (2

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