The Symbian Foundation has recently announced that the complete Symbian platform is available for download now and use under open source licenses. Here’s a video explaining what the innovation of this initiative really is, explained by Chris Davidson from the Symbian Foundation.


All Symbian platform source code is now available as open source code, even if you’re a member of the community or not and if this seems familiar to you, remember that Symbian had some parts available under open licenses back in April 2009. That was the date when the Symbian Foundation launched.

Some packages, like the Kernel and Security were converted to the Eclipse public license last year, adding up to 5 million open source code lines, but the plan is to make available a total of 33 million lines in the near future. The opening of the software package means that the Symbian community will grow and improve and the platform will finally evolve to a better version.


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