Back when we reviewed the Motorola Moto Z, we found it truly appealing and fascinating especially when the modules kicked in, but the device was a bit pricey at around $700 in the 64 GB version. Well, today we have an extra special offer, that takes the price down to $450 on Amazon.


We’re talking about an unlocked Moto Z with 64 GB of storage and while this is not the first price drop (it went to $500 a few months ago), it’s certainly the most generous one. The unlocked model offers compatibility with AT&T and T-Mobile networks, but not Verizon, in case you’re wondering. We’re talking about a 5.2 mm thick smartphone with an excellent Snapdragon 820 CPU and even the battery is quite solid, in spite of the thickness.

There’s 4 GB of RAM inside and a surprisingly good 13 MP back camera, as our review showed. The price drop makes this phone more appealing than the LG G5, Galaxy S7 and HTC 10, that still have pretty high prices. With the proper modules attached it could even be more appealing than the Galaxy S8… and more modules are scheduled to appear in the future.

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