Motorola’s not behaving like a company in dire need of money and a brilliant idea to pull them out of the economic swamp. They’ve been hit by recession, but they were hit by the lack of ideas and cash years before… However, Moto pulled some rabbit from the hat and brought David Beckham along for an Aura commercial:


Let us remind you that Motorola Aura is quite an expensive handset, going for more than $1500, maybe because it features the world’s first 16 million color circular display with 300 dpi resolution, or maybe that 62 carat lens (sapphire crystal).

700+ individual elements make the handset tick and it’s Swiss technology we’re talking about, so Aura might be worth the financial effort. To tell the truth, this ad is quite nice, specially if you’re a lady and a fan of Beck’s abs.

[via Mobile Spots]

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