The Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center from China ( recently posted images and listings for two new 3G Dell phones, that will hit the local market pretty soon. We’re talking about the Dell Mini 3T1 and Mini 3iX models, pictured below. The first device supports the 3G TD-SCDMA connectivity standard, so it’s likely that it’ll be sold by China Mobile.


China Mobile relies on this connectivity standard and might implement a customized version of the Android OS on the Dell phone. Dubbed Ophone, this modified platform has been seen before on handsets sold in China. Back to Dell Mini 3T1, the phone features a rectangular body, a shorter screen, that allows it to also embed 3 extra buttons below the display and a circular section, maybe meant for another button pad.

The handset also features a 2 megapixel camera and moving on to the Mini 3iX model, this one is going to China Unicom, since it supports WCDMA connectivity. Its corners are rounded and its large screen is a reminder of the Dell Mini 3i model and the Dell Aero. No info concerning the OS of this phone for now…

Mini 3T1 and 3iX support a Chinese security protocol, WAPI, that regulators want on all devices that connect to wireless networks. The prices have yet to be announced for the two Dell newcomers…

[via pcworld]

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