We’ve seen iPhone orchestras, people playing with music apps on the iPad, but what about a REAL guitar made out of phones? Although this sounds like too much trouble, versus a real guitar, the brilliant developer Steffest pulled this out, by joining 5 smartphones and creating a musical instrument that looks like this.

He also coded a music app for 3 different mobile platforms: Android (Java), iPhone (Objective-C) and Windows Mobile (C#). The 5 handsets were strapped together onto a piece of wood, together with a speaker, powered by a battery. Some of these phones run Android and the resulting gadget looks very very cool. You won’t expect this piece of art to be seriously reviewed by critics on MusicCritic.com, but it surely will spark fun and creativity to those who see it.

There’s a video demo for you to watch below, showing Steffest playing his “guitar” and having a go at the Crackling Rosie song. Dubbed “The Phone Guitar”, this invention will be presented at MobileCampBrussels, a developer conference.

[via Phandroid]