If you drop your HTC HD2 handset on the pavement, odds are that it’ll get the same damage as the unit below, photographed by an unlucky HD2 owner in Bristol. He managed to drop the phone on the concrete pavement and… well, let’s say the pavement survived.


The unlucky user wishes the handset didn’t have a flush screen and that it would pack a plastic body, to avoid this type of damage. Repairs have started yesterday and we’re really wondering how much this process will cost and if the warranty covers it.

Glass touchscreens lose the battle with resistance, again…


[via wmpoweruser]

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    I dropped my Touch HD2 yesterday and it broken in the exact same place. I agree with the point above. having no margin between the glass front and the side panel of the phone will mean this will happen frequently. I dropped my last Touch HD many times and everything was fine.
    Disappointed that the HD2 screen cracked so easily. No idea yet of the repair cost.

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    I dropped my Touch HD2 yesterday and it broken in the exact same place. I agree with the point above. having no margin between the glass front and the side panel of the phone will mean this will happen frequently. I dropped my last Touch HD many times and everything was fine.
    Disappointed that the HD2 screen cracked so easily. No idea yet of the repair cost.

  • Guest

    This must be a weakness with the phone. I dropped my HD2 and the cracks are almost identical. Very disappointed and cannot find a repair store with a reasonable price to fix it.

  • HD2 cracked screen

    I dropped my HD2 when i stood up and yup my screen cracked, looks exactly like the picture above. Weird how they all seem to crack in the same spot…. HTC should modify the HD2.. With insurance and $130 later I had a replacement one the next day.

  • Carlos

    here in chicago some will fix it from 30-75 dollars u jst gotta find the rite spot

  • Kurt

    count yourself lucky guys, although my hd2 survived its first 2 drops, the third shattered the entire screen. with no insurance i have been using it in this condition for over 2 months now. fair play though the screen still works fine πŸ™‚ although i am a bit scared to take my phone out while its raining πŸ˜›

  • dylan

    Where did u go to get ur screen replace?

  • eric

    omg thats crazy, i had a little to drink last night and dropped my hd2 on the concrete, and the cracks are almost identical. That is wierd that everyones seems to have the same weak spot.. I definitley need some info on getting a new screen, i have a bud that owns a shop that can do the repair work but i need to know where i can get the screen, any suggestions?

  • mark

    I too have broken my screen, dropped it on brick floor. This wasn't the first time but this time it was most damaged. Mine too broke at the bottom on the side, but mine broke on the right and not that big of a crack. This isn't fun, don't know what to do..

  • Lucy

    Mine's been dropped twice now, one crack spreading most of the bottom left screen, one across the top right.
    I'm actually so used to seeing the pattern now it doesn't bother me. But the Β£70 to get it fixed does

  • Tonylewis1968

    i dropped mine too and its almost the same crack as the one above but on the other side.

  • Monk

    Ditto! Everyone drops there phone from time to time, and one of HTC's selling points are that the screen is indestructable! I droped mine about 2 foot from the seat of my car and the cracks cover the entire screen! I cant even use it as these really fine shards of screen are like fibreglass and get everywhere!
    HTC will not cover this fault in warranty. πŸ™

  • Matt

    Iv'e done exactly the same thing to mine today, it fell out of my locker at work (Around 3 feet) and shattered the screen, still works 100% just looks horrible.
    HTC, I hate you! πŸ™

  • John

    I found a service that repairs screens. I haven't used it yet although a read an article giving it good reviews.

  • Robthetrainer

    Same thing happened to me! It only fell from 12 inches!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    I accidentally dropped mine from about 1 meter high just 1 hour ago.. It cracked at the bottom left corner.. The replacement is gonna cost a bomb huhh.. Gee..

  • Chynablacque

    WTF??? Identical crack to my phone as shown. No insurance.

  • Tsaxon

    I also have an Hd2 with the same crack… this seems to be a recurring flaw in the H2d phone… if this many people are entering comments and statistically only 1 out of 200 people or 1/2 percent take the time to make a written statemnt on line, then we can calculate the number of cracked phones by multiplying these comments by 200… this means H2d is getting rich off of the repairs. I would bet they had done a statistical probubility calculation and knew before they released these phones they would be making a greater margine from the repairs than the actual sale… lets face it, I do not believe this phone cost more than $50 to manufacture and they probubly sell it to the stores for about $125… thus a $75 margine… certainly the glass is only a $2 item and the labor to install it should be about $20, thus a margine of $98…. I believe they released a product that was known to them to have 900% (9x) more probublity of having a cracked screen with normal useage than the average cell phone. This in itself cries fof a legal challnege, maybe even a class action to make them provide repairs to the glass without charge…. all we need is a good class action lawyer and with the statistical data on these phones, I believe it would be easy to get them to take corrective action… anyone outthere a lawyer?

  • Free4donnn

    mine too broken

  • Sivilst

    i have the exact same crack

  • Kidmaxx96

    i called t-mobile and thru the insurance not the warranty they charge you $130 for a new phone .. i bought my phone directly from tmobile over the phone when i paid my bill but when i called they told me i still had to pay even though ive only had my phone 2months which is still under factory warranty can u say bullshit i think im gonna try to say my phone is malfunctioning for a new 1……

  • Lomaximo

    this looks exactly like my phone lol

  • Ayonaflame

    i have the same crack

  • HTC Owner

    I dropped my htc just today, and sad to say, the cracks aren’t like this. It fell from my pocket this morning from the top and now all I have is huge hairline fractures across the screen. Luckily, it still works but I will be repairing depending on the price range…

  • Hoggy_33056

    u can’t say that it malfunction when u send the old phone back they will see that it is cracked and charge u a $400 reswtocking fee for it being cracked, u better of going through the insurance company

  • How Much Is It To Fix It?

  • 1daylover

    Add mine to the list, same cracks as in photo. It fell out of my shirt pocket when I bent over. I was encourged to get the insurance when I bought the phone. Funny no salesperson mentioned a $130.00 deductible. Needless to say I am disappointed in T-Moble insurance and sales.

  • Nannydeluxe

    I had the same issue happen to me. I actually contacted HTC and they estimated the cost to fix it would be $100…..everybody seems to have this issue with this phone, This is the first time I have ever had a phone’s screen shatter. I was still able to use it bit lets just say a had a couple of incidents where i came away with a bloody finger.

  • htc love

    My camera screen broke on the HTC HD and I am trying to find out how much to fix and where

  • Lil Custo

    i did two but uppeer damage to πŸ™