The official Facebook 3.0 app has just hit the AppStore, being now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch and bringing fresh new features to Apple’s platform. Its interface has been reworked in order to make the experience more user friendly and there’s even a browser built in, used to view links posted by your friends right in the app.



Among the updates that the new Facebook app brings there’s the option of seeing your buddies’ birthdays, the ability of zooming into photos, seeing mutual friends and making friend requests. Quickly calling and texting your friends is also supported, plus the option of changing your profile picture, writing notes and reading your friends’ Notes, plus the important feature of uploading vids from the iPhone 3GS.

You can upload photos to any album, see the News Feed as if you were using the regular Facebook website and create shortcuts to your fave friends and Pages. What are you waiting for? Get socializing right now and download the app!

[via mobilewhack]

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