There’s a bit of sad news today, as we’ve got wind that a big Nokia factory in Dongguan, China has been shutdown and it’s being torn apart slowly but surely. There are Microsoft logos everywhere, but at core this is a Nokia facility.



Right now the huge enterprise is totally quiet and aside from a few people taking out the furniture and supplies, there’s no one working there. Microsoft decided to move production to Vietnam and we can see a lot of metallic parts in the yard of the firm, pointing towards a stripping down of the production line and equipment, if you ask me.

The former factory took up 130.000 square meters, so it was huge. It has been reduced to a rusting enterprise, with tons of yard sale material in its front yard. Such sights are usually seen in Eastern Europe, in countries were huge metal work factories have been shut down, in Ukraine or Romania. In those cases it was corruption, bad management, or simply an obsolete production line to blame.

What’s Microsoft’s excuse?


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