Apple has redesigned the Fifth Avenue store it was famous for and recently unveiled it after months of tweaking it. Now, the store uses fewer panes of glass, 15 to be precise, certainly a lot less than the almost 90 used before. What’s amazing is that this 24/7 store didn’t even close during the renovations, but it was wrapped in plywood.


The cube shape was original and all, but this new design does seem to blend with the surroundings a bit more. This project set Apple back $6.7 million and also involved a revamp of the plaza around the building. I never had the chance to say this, but is it just me or does this cube resemble the Louvre pyramids of glass, especially when it comes to the structure inside?

So, what do you say? Are you happy with the new Apple cube and most of all, do you sense any difference? I’m guessing this was also one of Steve Jobs’ last projects.

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