Well, it has finally happened: the early developer release of Firefox Mobile has hit the web. It will be used to get feedback from the community of users who try it, among which there are localizers, add-on developers and testers. The web developers should also give some useful feedback and you must know that the main focus of development so far has been the new interface.


This browser supports touchscreen devices and it runs on Nokia N810 Internet tablets for now. Access this link if you want to install Fennec right away and skip the details. In case you don’t own an N810, you can test the browser on your Windows PC, Mac OS X or Linux.

What’s new in Fennec? Well, it uses bookmarks, including tags, the famous smart URL bar (“awesome bar”), tabbed browsing (with thumbnail images) and integrates web search into the the URL bar.

Fennec auto-hides controls and the URL bar in order to maximize content visualisation, as for the security features, you’ll be using a password manager, a popup blocker and instant web site ID. For more details on the browser check out the release notes here.

Also, we’ve got a neat video demo of the browser for you below:



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