The folks of TechWeek Europe got up close and personal with the Firefox OS, that seems to look like a hybrid between Android and iOS at first sight. You can get all the details you need from the pictures below. This platform is driven by HTML5 and it already has strong carrier support, so expect it to reach a large number of companies in the future.


The interface will be able to separate this platform from other rivals, but in some aspects it’s clear that it borrowed heavily from iOS and Android. You get to see the lockscreen, virtual keyboard, app list and contacts section. The lockscreen shows notifications as revealed in the picture above and in the pictures below you get to see the home screen, filled with apps. I particularly like the Contacts area, that’s very well arranged and organized and very aired up.

The virtual keyboard is pretty much a ripoff from iOS, if you ask me and I think Apple will have a thing or two to say to its lawyers after seeing this OS. Meanwhile, the Photo Gallery app is reminiscent of the one in Android, so nothing impressive here. Since it uses HTML5, the Firefox OS won’t match the speed and responsiveness of iOS or Jelly Bean, but Mozilla still claims it’s faster than Android and lighter. Well, if it manages storage and RAM better, I’m happy.

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