Turns out that the Samsung Galaxy X is still a thing, even though it’s been quite a while since we’ve been hearing about it. The foldable phone is now said to be receiving a limited run come next year. 100.000 units is the number currently being thrown around.


Also, Galaxy X is just a codename for now, so expect that to change as the project progresses. Aside from the 100k limited release, there will also be a regional limit, as the handset could only see the light of day in South Korea. Sammy did offer hints before that they were planning to test the market, before a big rollout of a new format like this. Previous flexible endeavors failed, if you just look at the LG G Flex models, plus the ill fated Galaxy Round.

The closest we’ve gotten to a real foldable phone was the ZTE Axon M, that was leaked recently, or the last year Lenovo machine that turned into a bracelet. Samsung Galaxy X still remains a mystery, as far as diagonal goes, or even approach. Is it going to have real flexible bits? Will it just fold down the middle and open up like a book? We’ll know in 2018, at CES 2018, at the earliest.

Keep in mind that if this limited edition device does sell well, it would meant that mass production may happen afterwards.

via Mobilissimo.ro

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