Are you a Formula 1 freak? Then you’ll be pleased to know that tomorrow you’ll witness the start of a new season and there’s even a brand new iPhone app to keep up with the novelties in this field. Known as Formula1 2010 Real-Time, the software lets you follow the F1 racing world minute by minute.


News will be available through this software, as well as race results, qualifications and official tests. Push notifications are also supported via pop-up, signalling the start of races, victories and much more. The app uses a couple of tabs for various info and we also learn that the news is shown in various languages, according to your location.

You can check out lap times for all drivers, see the newest information on drivers and teams, plus history and records over the past years. Statistics are also available, from 1960 till today, with victories, championships included. Formula1 2010 Real Time also comes with a feature allowing you to select a driver and team, in order to follow them closely.

For 2.39 EUR, this app can be your guide into the Formula 1 universe.

[via ispazio]

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