Earlier this week, we’ve stumbled upon an image showing a new version of the Sidekick, that’s coming to T-Mobile. The new device will sport 4G connectivity, thus resulting the logical name Sidekick 4G. However, don’t expect LTE or WiMAX, but rather HSPA+, since this is T-Mobile we’re talking about. Here’s a fresh batch of pics portraying the new texting wonderkid.


A front camera is present on the new handset and strangely enough there’s a Samsung logo on the back of the device, although we’ve known that the first generation of Sidekicks was made by Sharp. The original form factor is kept, while the OS of choice is Android 2.2.1. Well, considering how long it took (it still takes) Samsung to update Galaxy S to Froyo in the US, people will avoid this model when they learn about its OS and its maker.

Good luck with seeing Android 2.3 on this baby!

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