Galactic Rush is one of the games I’ve tested on the Nokia Lumia 930 and this one is a free title and an endless runner with a space theme. You have to guide an astronaut among aliens and obstacles and get powerups on the way.



You start off on the Moon, but you can go to planets and other areas either by purchasing them with at $1.49 or unlocking them with DNA. You can also finish each level, by simply going 1500 meters or so. There are many characters to unlock, including adorable pets, that can be purchased with in-game currencies. DNA is one of them and you can also use it to revive your character if you trip on an obstacle.

The game is divided into a few sections, like Stargazer, where you find the actual levels, Hall of Fame, where you see the Scores and achievements and Lounge. The latter is the place where you choose your character and then there’s Laboratory, that works as a store and lets you purchase powerups, unlock characters and their pets. The control is simple: swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck and swipe up and sideways to fly over obstacles or holes in the ground.

You can double tap to accelerate and sometimes you even have to avoid a Sasquatch type of creature. You will collect DNA and avoid mines, rocks, flamethrowers and many more obstacles. This is a casual game, that’s pretty fun and has nicely polished graphics. The nice thing is that traps change place each time you play. We give it an 8.3 out of 10 and you can download it here.

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