The lucky folks of Engadget Mobile managed to score a Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 unit and reviewed it, for us all to find out about its cool features. This is probably one of the most delayed handsets in history, since it took almost two months between its introduction and sale.



Now, it turns out that nuvifone G60 will be sold by AT&T before the holiday season, for $299 with a contract, a pretty unappealing price tag, if you ask me. Back to the review, Garmin-Asus created a pretty decent GPS phone, that’s both light and compact, fitting the dashboard of your car perfectly. The device also packs a camera and rear speaker, with great placement and there’s also an easy to find volume rocker on board.


A standard USB port is used and there’s 2.5mm headphone jack, if you’re looking for flaws. An advantage of this unit is that the rear speaker is really, really loud, a very cool feat for a GPS phone, specially if you’re using turn-by-turn directions. Nuvifone G60’s resistive WQVGA display performs pretty well and reacts well to finger presses.

Garmin’s navigation suite completes the package, with a beautiful UI, an email app, a basic dialler screen, contact list and recent calls tab. If you want more details, here’s the full review of the device.


[via Engadget Mobile]

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