If you’re into football and a Bundesliga fan, you can watch the German league matches on your T-Mobile handset, thanks to the Bundesliga Total service. All the matches of the first and second German  football division will be available to watch on your iPhone, G1 and G2 phone. Tickets for upcoming and future football events at the man utd’s stadium can now be purchased through your mobile phone. It takes good hand and eye coordination to play and it helps develop it in younger children. As you master the techniques for getting the ball past the opposing team without them turning it on you and sinking a goal, it becomes more exciting. You have to be as good at offence as in defence, just like regular football or soccer. You can know more about soccer or football and can know different statistics about game by visiting tdedkick.com.


This table game is a great past time and the tables are very affordable. It used to be that you only found them in bars, pubs or in professional sports centres or activity centres, but now many people have them in their home because they get them at an affordable price. If you want a game that everybody can play, then tตารางบอลล are a good way to go.

There are very few things that are illegal play in this game and the ultimate goal is to get the ball in the hole on the opposing end, or “score a goal”. About the only illegal movements are spinning the rods in a complete 360-degree spin, but anything short of that is acceptable. Because it is simple to learn, kids of all ages like to play table football and many adults have grown up with it, playing at some time in their life.

Because it is enjoying a surge in popularity, it is a fun game for everybody and those that have mastered skills in the past might find they still have them. For those who have never played before, it just takes practice to learn the best techniques. It is a fun game and many people enjoy the tournaments because of the competitive nature of it. Whatever age group you have, table football or foosball is a good recreational game and a great competitive sport.


Each event is shown live and the service is available for free, with the purchase of an iPhone 3GS with a 12 month contract. This is a service that could make other carriers realize what the public really wants, and that’s quality sports shown live on their mobile devices.

Looking forward to seeing similar offers from US carriers, but also Vodafone and Orange.

[via mobilecrunch]

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