Joel Johnson from Gizmodo recently analysed the Apple iPad, judging its capabilities after one day of use. It’s clear that the device is overhyped, but is it worth your money, in the end? Joel says that the answer is “not quite”, specially since the tablet is prone to app crashes and it’s got its flaws.


Apparently, some of the applications on it are scaled iPhone software and that can be felt. Also, we have to admit that the iPad is a sleek gadget, moving fast and featuring a cool interface. However, the product is heavy, fragile and you’ll have to mess with it for a while, before getting used to the virtual keyboard.

Still, the average consumer seems to love this device, so that’s why sales are skyrocketing these days. In the end, it’s the folks who don’t read tech blogs and don’t know about the tablet’s flaws who buy most of the tablet units.

[via Tablet News]

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