If you’ve got a Nokia N97 handset, we pity you, specially after seeing the video below. What Nokia promises in the commercial video for this device and what they deliver are two totally different things. Here’s what it’s all about:

You’ll notice that the lag when turning the handset from portrait to landscape mode is frustrating and where are those cool transitions Nokia promised us? A fade in/out is NOT a cool transition. Also, if you compare this device with the iPhone, as far as the interface is concerned, Nokia’s product loses the battle by a mile.

Lack of responsiveness is another issue on the phone, as well as the page zooming and smooth scrolling, promised by Nokia for the web browser. What they deliver is a horrible-looking, chaotic experience and you’ll really miss that kinetic scrolling that would be so much needed on this handset.

Other flaws? Sluggish performance when showing album art during songs, issues with the power charger and headphones and many, many more.

[via dailymobile]