Handango is an online store selling mobile software, and offering international distribution, support and e-commerce to its partners. The company also awards a title each year for the best apps available in its offer and this year we can check out the winners in the BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android categories.


In the BlackBerry section, Tether Berry was the winner, an app that allows your PC to use the BlackBerry’s data plan and access Internet on the laptop anywhere where there’s cellular coverage. SPB Mobile Shell got the award, in the Windows Mobile section, thanks to its improvements of the standard user interface and cool features like multipage home screen, 3D carousel, agenda view and more.

Moving on to the Symbian category, we discover LCG Jukebox as the winner, a music player for mobiles that comes with great sound quality, user friendly playlist management, an equalizer, Internet streaming and fine volume control. Believe it or not, the Android app of the year is a mobile game, SimCity Metropolis, a title you’re surely familiar with, if you’re an avid gamer.

[via handango]

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