The folks of took Google’s Mobile App with Voice Search for a spin on the iPhone and found out that it’s easy to use, quick and intuitive. Also, it’s integrated with Google’s services and it’s practically a feature of the Google app available on the iTunes App Store.


You’ll notice a microphone button on the right side of the app’s search bar, which enables the voice search function.

This works quite easily: state the search term near the iPhone and if the app doesn’t recognize what you say, it’ll ask you to speak again or cancel the command. If the app recognizes your search query, it’ll open a Google search page, which also displays a map. The latter will display the location you were looking for, if this is the case.

As the hands-on experience showed, the results are very accurate, specially when searching for locations, or any other object of interest for that matter. Of course there’s a complaint regarding the software, the fact that it can’t discern accents and may show erroneous voice search results.

All in all, the app behaves great and if the rather small issues it has get solved we’ll have a great piece of software on our hands.

[via appscout]

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