The Bendgate discussions have been dominating web topics for far too long, so it’s nice to a sort of positive spin of things, with a potential solution for the problem. What you see here is a device called gTool PanelPress, a sort of vice, if you will.



The product looks like a torture device of sorts, one that seems rather designed for smartphones than humans. Usually, after bending something we tend to bring it back to shape using lots of pressure. The PanelPress allows you to put the bent iPhone inside and clamp one end down, then place a bar underneath the area where you want pressure to be applied. Finally you will twist the knob to force the end down.

Of course, this is a pretty poor solution, since the device’s innards remain deformed and may get even more deformed like this. Maybe this is meant for the slightly bent iPhones, not those damaged beyond repair. As long as the screen is not cracked, there is still hope. The PanelPress has already reached resellers worldwide and somehow there’s no price tag for this machine which is kind of bizarre.


via slashgear

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