Who hasn’t heard of Hilton? No, not Paris, but rather the hotel empire that defines her daddy’s wealth… Well, the luxurious hotels now have something in common with the iPhone: a special digital service that allows you to open the room door with an iPhone app and much more.


hilton 1

There’s digital check in, room selection and customization and checkout across the 650k rooms at over 4000 hotels all over the world. Hilton’s promotion claims that they’re the first “hospitality company” that enables room selection and customization via mobile and web based floor plans. The company also announced that guests will be able to use their smartphones as room keys in the majority of rooms by 2016.

hilton 2

As shown in the images here, there’s a lot of functionality attached to the iPhone. You can make special requests for items to be delivered to your room via mobile, tablet or PC. You can check out using the handset and from what I can see there are in room controls as well. That includes changing channels and shopping for content, as well as temperature change, humidifier, drapes, heated floor and lighting.

Who’s staying at Hilton anyway?

hilton 3

Via patentlyapple.com

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