HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou recently spoke at the D8 Conference, discussing the company’s future, past and evolution. He even casually mentioned a tablet, possibly getting the HTC Shift name. Chou also talked about Android phones and battery issues on these devices.


It all started with HTC’s main man telling everyone about the company’s journey, over the past years, from the OEM building phones for others to a well known brand that competes directly with RIM, Nokia and Apple in the smartphone segment. Chou praised the just introduced HTC EVO 4G, that comes with a “breakthrough display”, an 8 megapixel camera and it’s the first device in the US to allow people to make a video call, or so claims HTC’s boss.

Peter Chou reminded everyone that HTC is still committed to both Windows Mobile and Android, but still the company doesn’t differentiate the phones’ designs. HTC Sense sets the platforms apart and this trademark feature is among the many that define the HTC brand, getting more awareness and clarity lately.

HTC’s CEO was very pleased with the idea of a budget smartphone, like HTC Smart, going for $150 and providing most of the features of a regular high end phone, but replacing Android with Qualcomm BREW. Finally, Chou also talked about Foxconn suicides for a bit, then admitted that there’s no solution yet to make batteries on smartphones last longer and let a tiny cat out of the bag saying “So in our labs, we’re developing new devices like the HTC Shift”, that could be a tablet.


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