A week ago we wrote about the “bomb phone” from Shanghai, a HTC handset that exploded in a subway cart, causing widespread panic in the subway. HTC immediately took a stand and claimed they will investigate the matter and today we have their results.



It would appear that the battery caused the explosion and apparently this unit was not a genuine HTC battery, but rather a different model. HTC advises users to only buy genuine HTC parts, components and accessories, in order to avoid such mishaps. Usually when such things happen, like explosions and electrocutions they’re related to Apple devices and faulty chargers, but this time a non HTC battery on a HTC phone was the culprit.

The problem is much bigger than this case, since Amazon, eBay and every other online store you can imagine is filled with “higher capacity battery” units, that promise loads of power for your smartphone and they’re made by third parties. While some of them are approved by Samsung and HTC, there are also some shady firms that make faulty accessories. Usually, using official products pays off…

Via news.mydrivers.com

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