Things are not going great for Cher Wang, HTC founder and current CEO, so after a 2015 that saw a failed flagship launch, 2016 comes with a huge money loss. The official has been swindled out of $7.4 million by one of the charities she gave money to.



Members of her church are the ones who took the money, that the official and her husband donated. Being devout Christians, Cher Wang and her husband have founded the “Faith Hope Love Foundation”, to support Christian organizations all over the world. Those who took the money have been arrested, but in the meantime they’re out on bail.

It’s said to see hard earned money going down the drain and the popularity of charities taking another hit. More and more such scandals happen, making people wary of ever giving to charity. Can Cher Wang bounce back with work, after her supposedly low morale following this story?


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