After previous leaks arrived on the web a few days ago, today through the @upleaks Twitter account we get to know a little bit more about HTC One M9 and its color variations. According to the popular leaker, the new One will arrive on the market in three color variants, with either gold or dark gunmetal front shade.


Screenshot (189)

Among them we’ll have one with dark gunmetal front-facing panel and dark also on the back, another one colored gold in the front and silver on the back, and the third one that will be gold on the both sides. If we belive this rumor, is a little bit weird the 2nd shade with gold on the front and silver on the back.

However, nothing’s real until the official press event prepared for March 1st, day when straight from Barcelona we’ll take a look on the new One M9 and its bigger brother One M9 Plus. Which one would you choose once available in stores?



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