A premium device of any sort is expected to provide a premium package, with items meant to make it seem even more compelling  It is an aspect of the greatest importance that most manufacturers seem to forget about, instead choosing to deliver only the basic accessories in a package that only by it you can tell a premium offer.


HTC has always been good at delivering some of the best packages for its high-end smartphones and has made a real task out of delivering something that seems really special with every device. For this year’s top smartphone HTC seems to have outdone itself, managing to provide more for what you pay. Besides you also get the main candidate for this year’s best smartphone to ever hit the market.

The HTC One will be offered by carrier T-Mobile in the US and here it comes bundled with a car-kit. This accessory is among the most pricy and able to spare you of the efforts of having to look for one yourself. There is also another launch deal, this time by RadioShack and in conjunction with Sprint and AT&T. Here the device will be offered with a $50 Play Store gift card, among the ones introduced last year and with which you can buy anything from the Android Store.

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