What HTC has managed to offer in terms of looks, specs and software with the new flagship One smartphone still hasn’t been topped not even with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Still there are a few modifications that HTC has brought with its smartphone that may not be to the majority’s liking.



Slim, light-weight, fast and offering a lot of features, the HTC One is the main smartphone attraction for this year and is likely to remain so for a good while. The device comes with new social features but also takes Google’s idea in terms of Android software buttons a bit further. That is the removal of the Home button in the middle, in favor of just two buttons on each side and the HTC logo between. Though these can be customized it will still require some getting used to.

Upon further testing the device, one owner of the HTC One discovered that the whole touch screen extends to where the capacitive buttons are, so you can test this by going to a webpage and dragging your finger down to the logo and see if it keeps scrolling. Thus upon further logging the actions on the logo the events were recorded and show reactions with each of them. The HTC One already has a dedicated thread on XDA so it will not be long till we can get an actual implementation of it.

adb shell getEvent -lt
(then lots of stabbing at the htc logo)

[ 22313.540611] /dev/input/event8: EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000

[ 22313.610564] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_X 00000018

[ 22313.610594] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Y 00000053

[ 22313.610594] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Z 000000fb

[ 22313.610594] /dev/input/event8: EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000

[ 22313.680578] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_X 00000017

[ 22313.680578] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Y 00000054

[ 22313.680608] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Z 000000eb

[ 22313.680608] /dev/input/event8: EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000

[ 22313.751202] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_X 0000000e

[ 22313.751202] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Y 00000055

[ 22313.751202] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Z 000000f4

[ 22313.751232] /dev/input/event8: EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000

[ 22313.820574] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_X 00000016

[ 22313.820574] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Y 00000052

[ 22313.820574] /dev/input/event8: EV_ABS ABS_Z 000000f9

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