HTC has been the victim of lawsuits before, with the likes of HTC One X stuck at US Customs last year, because of some infringement. Now they’re having problems again, as Immersion, a company that deals with touch feedback technology has decided to sue HTC for infringing its patents.



The strange thing is that Samsung has a stake in Immersion and the two have been solid partners for a year now. Could one assume that Samsung has set its partner to attack HTC? After all, the HTC One may be seen as a threat to the Galaxy S IV… A couple of years ago, Android partners would have never attacked each other and they all cooperated for the greater good of beating the iPhone. Nowadays it’s all strong competition and everything goes.

The Immersion versus HTC suit will have a verdict out in October, so there’s a long waiting time ahead. Immersion wants the HTC infringing products banned from US sales and you should probably know that this company is quite the patent hoarder, with over 1300 patents to its name. Will we chalk this one as a HTC win or lose?

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