Android is expected to increase in popularity so not only we’ll be seeing tons of handsets and even netbooks launched with it as their default OS, but also the platform is getting ported to WM phones. Among those there’s the HTC Touch Pro2, recently a member of the “gang” of Windows Mobile devices that received an Android port.

We have to mention from the get go that this port made the GPS and Bluetooth unable to function on HTC Touch Pro2 running Android, but everything else is in its place, stuff like the accelerometer, WiFi, data connectivity, Android browser and much more. The video you can see below shows the web browsing experience with the Android browser on Touch Pro2, but also how an app based on the accelerometer runs on the device.

The app is Urban Spoon, in case you know it and we have to mention that the browser on this platform supports landscape viewing, while the Home screen moves great, totally lag-free. Shortcuts can be created, widgets can be moved and bookmarks can be made. Apps can be downloaded and installed via Android Market, so this port will make you forget about using Windows Mobile on this HTC too soon.

[via dailymobile]

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