Since we said “ROM cooker”, you might have guessed that we’re referring to Cornflipper, the most active guy in this segment of software development. He recently posted a tweet mentioning the names of upcoming HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets, plus a bunch of other HTC phones. Here they are:


These unconfirmed WP7 phones are the Salsa, Tango and Swing models, keeping in line with the dance/music theme that was started by HTC Mozart. In other (sadder) news, Cornflipper recently announced that he’ll close down his site, Shipped-ROMs at HTC’s request. Apparently, they had a problem with his cooked ROMs…

The full list of devices leaked via Twitter includes the Motion, Maestro, Salsa, Swing, Blitz, Sage, Tango and Vienna units. Maestro is a global connectivity phone, with support for CDMA and GSM, while Swing, Vienna and Salsa will be launched separately in GSM and CDMA versions. These model names could change, so don’t take them for granted.

[via IntoMobile]

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