We’ve seen the Acer Ring UI, Motorola’s Motoblur, Samsung’s TouchWiz and recently LG showed the world its new Optimus UI. Now Huawei has the Emotion UI to lay on top of Android and they’re ready to showcase it on June 9th, with a release in July.


This Sense/TouchWiz rival comes straight after another Chinese company, ZTE announced its 3D skin for Android, based on Rightware’s Kanzi UI tech. Android 4.0 is most likely the target for the Emotion UI, but details are lacking at this point. I’m curious if this UI will come as an update to already shipping Android devices, or maybe it will be preinstalled on newcomer models. What’s certain is that all Huawei Android devices shipping after July will get it. Among those I must mention the Ascend D quad, the flagship from Huawei this year and a model that has been delayed till July.

That may have been done to have time to get the Emotion UI on it. Huawei describes its solution as “emotional”, “simple” and “smart”, stopping at this when it comes to details. The picture above only shows what looks like a standard and stock ICS interface, so nothing’s changed. If this is as subtle as the customization Sony did on the Xperia S Android 4.0 update, it’ll be OK…

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